Sunday, December 21, 2008

Release Date 12/20/2008

It was a bitterly cold day. Air temperature in the 20's, and a 15knot wind from the North.

We paddled from Pier 96 down to Morris Canal for lunch. It was pretty because it had snowed the night before, but so cold that we didn't play around on the dock doing seal launches like I did the last time I was out in the snow. I also didn't want to tear my boat up.

We left Pier 96 at 10:15, and had a very fast trip down the river with the wind, and a strong tide, probably helped by the snowmelt up the river.

We totally explored Morris Canal, I had never been all the way up to the very end where we couldn't paddle any further. I found some cool lobster floats and a PFD for the Boathouse.

I had trouble keeping my hands warm. I was wearing gloves and poggies, and the gloves got wet. The gloves also made it hard to get a good grip on the paddle.

We left the restaurant, and started heading back about 14:00. We crossed the river, and had a long slow slog back up the river into the wind. We didn't get back to Pier 96 until 17:00, and were pretty tired. Our boats, and equipment were covered in ice by the water that splashed on them.

Truth: If it gets cold enough salt-water freezes.


Anonymous said...


My name is Nick. Took my son to the park on his four wheeler, and we decided to stop and walk by the shore in College Point, Queens. We found your message in a bottle. We found it on the shore right before the Whitestone Bridge. We opened it up and saw your message so we just wanted to let you know we found it!

My son is 3 and he thinks its from a pirate. He got a real kick out of it.

The date was from 2006. Do you want your dollar back? ha.
Nick & Nick Jr.

P.S. This is from my son:

Tim Gamble said...

Nick commented on a bottle from 2006, but tagged it to this post from 2008, probably because I screwed-up the date.

He says the note was from 2006, that is 2 1/2 years ago!!!