Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Release Date 8/16/2006

Released this bottle on an outgoing tide off of Breezy Point in Brooklyn NY. The little bit of land in the background of the picture is Breezy Point with the tower on the end.

I paddled out to do some freediving along the rocks on the jetty.

There was a 10kt wind so it was a bit choppy for diving.

I stopped my kayak on the West side of the jetty where the sand starts and walked out to the end. It would be much easier to paddle to the East side of jetty and come ashore there.

I swam out to the end. It was very turbid with the waves breaking on the rocks, and there was a very strong current out near the end. I got sucked out there once and did one dive. There were a lot of fish there, blackfish, tautog, stripped bass, and fluke, but the current was way to strong to dive safely, so I had to stay back along the side. I did see a lot of fluke, like 3 or 4, on every 1 minute dive. I should probably go back and try spearfishing. I crossed over to the West side of the jetty, and the water was much clearer. I got there just as the tide was changing, and the visibility got worse almost immediately as the ebb started to bring the dirty water from the bay out.

I released the bottle on the way back in a pretty good ebb, so it should have gone out to sea.

Truth: It usually feels good to overcome your fears.

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