Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Release Date 4/29/2006

Released this bottle near North Brother Island in the Bronx around 12:00PM on 4/29. North Brother Island contains a lot of old dilapidated hospital buildings.

For info on the island see:'D%20NEVER%20BELIEVE/brothers/brothers.html

It was a lovely spring day. I kayaked up the day before and was returning home when I released the bottle.

I had a nice ride in the current and got back to RedHook Brooklyn in about 2 hours.

Saw some nice standing waves in Hell Gate, and tried to surf them a little bit, but the waves were not well defined or stationary and it was hard to stay on them.

There were a number of guys fly fishing along the eddy line under the Triboro Bridge, but I didn't see them catch anything, and I was moving too fast to talk to them.

When I got back to Brooklyn I saw the Queen Mary 2 tied-up at the cruise ship terminal in the Buttermilk Channel.

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