Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Release Date 4/23/2007

This was part of my Cape May to Brooklyn paddle. We paddled 20 statue miles from Barnagat light on Long Beach Island to Bay Head New Jersey.

We left LBI at 9:45AM. We launched from the bay side, just inside the inlet. Even though low tide was a few hours before the water was still flowing out because there must be an estuary effect like we have in the Hudson River.

It was warm about 70 degrees, but it felt much cooler on the water becasue there was a substantail south south-east wind blowing across the still very cold water.

The wind really helped us along and we made great time flying up the coast. We stopped where we found a spot of mellow surf, just north of Island Beach State park for lunch from about 13:00 to 13:30.

I released the bottle right in front of the amusement park at Seaside heights.

We made it to Bayhead by 16:00. I tried to find the take-out based on my visual clues without using the GPS and failed. I was paddling by it before Miles stopped me.

See Mile's trip report at:

Truth: It's annoying when things don't work right.


Orion said...

So are you looking for converts? Bonnie's blog has been one of my morning coffee routines. As I sail and paddle the wters of NC, I am feeling the need to decrease the amount of crap that I see.
So as Arlo would say, are you starting a movement?

Tim Gamble said...

Tim Gamble said...

Following comment was received via email:
Wanted you to know I was out picking up trash and found your bottle on LBI on Monday afternoon, May 7th!
Thanks, it was fun and I sent out my own message with the same bottle, dollar bill and pebbles that you had sent.

Best Regards,

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