Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Release Date 4/9/2007

I released this message off of Long Beach Island on the Jersey Shore around 13:00 about 1 mile from shore.
I was on my Cape May to Brooklyn paddle. It was an unusually cold day for April, but it was still nice to be out on the Ocean.
We launched at Holgate around 11:00, and paddled to Barneget light, which covered the entire island. We got off the water at 17:30.
Wind was from the West about 10-15kts, but it picked-up near the end of the day. The last 1 mile was a slog against wind and current into the harbor.
It was funny to be back here after so many years. I used to vacation on this island years ago. Many things were still the same, but all the empty lots are now occupied by houses.
See Mile's trip report at:


Sara said...

hey cuz, just wanted to let ya know i think in that photo you look a lot like your unk - that's a complement seeing as my friends think my dad is hot!

Tim Gamble said...

Following comment was received via email:
Wanted you to know I was out picking up trash and found your bottle on LBI on Monday afternoon, May 7th!
Thanks, it was fun and I sent out my own message with the same bottle, dollar bill and pebbles that you had sent.

Best Regards,