Sunday, August 13, 2017

Release date 8/10/2017

I released this message in French River Prince Edward Island Canada.

I was taking a canoe trip from cousins beach to French River. It was a really nice paddle along the coast. Dramatic sandstone cliffs, sea caves, and little pocket beaches. Unfortunately it was a canoe and it got pretty rough so I was afraid to take my camera out to take photos.

Before the wind came up we actually saw a lot of, 5, lobsters just crawling along the bottom. In the future I want to bring a net and catch bag to grab some!

Truth: Caves are dark.
a string of mussels on a farm.
A view of French River Bay from the hilltop.



sunrise over the gulf of St. Lawrence.







A few days before the PEI trip I did a trip on the Mississippi river in a house boat. It was a real blast we traveled up and down the river for a few days. The boat was slow, but we could stop at beaches to swim and hang-out, and we always had our kitchen and bed with us at all times.

stocking up before trip. Total Wine was great, especially because I won the toss and didn't have to pay!

an old storefront in a river town.

the boat on a beach. No tide means easy docking!

The captain supplied an amazing bottle of wine that we had with steaks on the grill.

the view from the kitchen.

The boat at a dock at a the national eagle center.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Release date 7/21/2017

We went out for a ride on the east river in our boat from the Brooklyn bridge Marina.

It was a really nice evening the sun had just set over manhattan and there was a nice pink glow over the buildings and bridges.

Its much easier to avoid the ferries and commercial traffic when under motor power, but this boat is a still a bit too slow to really get out of the way quickly.

Truth: Oil and Water do not mix.



Sunday, June 11, 2017

Release Date 6/9/2017

I Released this message at Valentino Pier in Red Hook Brooklyn.

I did a kayak trip with the Red Hook Boaters as part of Outdoor fest.

We had a nice paddle to the South in a slowly increasing ebb tide. We entered the Gowanus Canal and went in about a mile almost to the Smith & 9th St. Bridge.

Truth: Some energy is good.

Friday, June 09, 2017

Release Date 6/7/2017

I released this message in the East River after a VERY busy weekend doing the Figment Festival.
See for details and photos from Figment.

I stopped by new berth to check out my motor launch and do a bit of bailing.

Truth: New Things are Fun
The new boat at the dock

Celebrating successful voyage

Why I avoid sidewalk cafes in NYC.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Release Date 5/21/2017

I released this message under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge just as the flood was starting around 13:00.

We had been camping at Fort Wadsworth at the NPS campground we paddled down the day before and then spent the night. We got a tour of the main fort which was really interesting. Its a shame it hasn't been used for something. Its just slowly decomposing over the years. Most of it is actually underground to protect it.
this smokey the bear poster seemed kind of weird

It was still a bit cold on the weekend, even though it was in the 90s a few days the week before. An overcast and windy day on Saturday made it even cooler.

The trip back was great because we had a strong wind that was almost directly behind us the whole way.

We invented a new game called "Sponge Slap" I don't recommend it - cold wet bailing sponge to the face.

I took the Tide Race down and the paddled the double on the way back. I used my Greenland paddle the whole time because its easier on my arm. I wore a brace and didn't seem to have any ill effects even after a few hours.

Truth: Sometimes you have to walk.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Release Date 2/25/2017

I released this message in between Tahiti and Moorea in French Polynesia.

We have been traveling around the islands of French Plynesia for a few weeks. We visited several of the islands by boat and did some diving, hiking, and general site seeing.

The coral is very nice here and we only saw a few spots where there was a lot die off and bleaching. All in all much healthier than anything I ever see in the Caribbean. 


 The fish are very used to divers, this lemon shark with a tag on it, is almost tame. As a goof I swam after it, but it ignored me.


The climate and geography are very similar to PNG, but everything is much more developed. Because there is a strong tourist industry and tons of support from the French Government everything "works". I saw this ship in the port of Papatee. It is laying fiber optic cable. The Internet was so good at our Air B-and-B that we could watch You Tube videos and use the Internet for work.

 The islands seem to create their own weather patterns. The tops of the mountains are often in the clouds.

We are not far from the equator so we have been getting up early to enjoy the cool mornings and then trying to be outside doing things in the cool evenings. This is the best time of the day. During the afternoon its best to be inside or underwater. These sunrise pictures over the island of Bora Bora came out well.

Truth: sometimes its best not to know.