Sunday, April 08, 2007

Release Date 4/8/2007

Easter Sunday!!!

I was doing a trip for New York Kayak Company. They had a paddler over from Sweden who wanted to go to the Statue.
It was interesting to talk with him, and find out about what they consider kayaking. They do mostly flatwater paddling, using kayaks that are like K1 racing boats with wing paddles. They are not very familiar with cold weather gear. One of his friends had just died this year from hypothermia.
It was pretty windy 15-20 kts from the West.

We paddled over to Jersey City, then south to the Statue. Like was week there wasn't much of a flood current because of the snow melt, but I think things are returning to Normal.

We stopped at Liberty State Park for a short rest, and had a fast trip home on the wind.

Truth: It's always better to be early.

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