Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Release Date 3/31/2007

I released this message in the New York Harbor.

We paddled down the river to see the new Golf Course South of Liberty State Park. Seems like they built a nature walk and cleaned-up the beach here. My hopes of sneaking onto the course for a quick game later in the summer were dashed by a giant steel fence. The course looks like a prison.

It was a nice warm spring day, and the tides were very strong because of the snow melt. In the pictures you can see the Empire State Building, and the moon.

Because of the snow melt tides we got to play in a small tide race for about 10 minutes in front of Pier 63.

We checked-out the new pier 66 facility, and the waterwheel.

The barge is about to be moved, and they were making final preparations for the moving.

Truth: You should always check the weather.


Steve said...

Hi Tim. I found your bottle released 3/31/07 today. Today is 5/3/07, so it wasn't out too long, but it was quite exciting to find a real message in a bottle anyway! I found it stuck in a berm while doing volunteer trash cleanup at the Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park, in Brooklyn. Apparently, it traveled right up the East River.

Tim Gamble said...

Thanks for posting your reply! It was out for almost a month, so I have never had one be out there that long, even though it didn't go very far.