Thursday, July 08, 2010

Release Date 7/3/2010

Kate and took our canoe out for its inaugural voyage. We bought it a couple of months ago when we did our trip down the East coast to the southern end of New Ireland.

We had to take it apart to get it home, and we didn’t get around to putting it back together until today. We did paint it with leftover paint, but now that it is done I realize it looks like a German Uboat. Dark Gray, with black trim. I will not name it "U232" or anything, I promise.

The canoe leaks quite a bit. Kate called it “sweating” it just comes right through the wood, like sweat. So we need to bring a bailer with us on our next trip. I have seen other canoe paddlers, doing a lot bailing. I watched 2 kids in leaky canoe, the one in the front with a coconut shell was bailing furiously while the kid in the back was paddling, but they couldn’t get to the shore in time…

We paddled over to Nusa Resort to have drinks and dinner. The boat has a bad habit of turning to the left toward the outrigger. Even when I paddle on the left hand side it turns left, but I’ve noticed this in other canoes, so it might be operator error, not an assembly problem.

We are just back after one month in the USA. We didn’t get a real vacation there because we were both working a lot, but I tried to get my quota of rich food in. Bad news is I have high cholesterol, got to lay off that New Zealand butter.

Our Bodies of water project was a big success. We had a lot of fun, saw a ton of friends, saw some real freaks. The fact that some people thought we were freaks was a bonus.

See for details and pictures.

Truth: If you are living it you don’t need to read about it.

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