Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Release date 5/25/2010

I paddled out from the dock to Edamago island. It was a beautiful still afternoon, and slightly raining, which is actually ideal paddling weather here since its not too hot.

When I got there I was picking up junk on the beach and I found one of the messages in a bottle I released 4 months ago. It floated around out there for a while then ended-up back on the same island that I went to that day. See 1/26/2010. I wonder how long it sat on the beach, and how long it circulated in the water….

I had a nice paddle and re-released it along with a new bottle.

Truth: Sometimes rare things do happen.

Earlier that week I went to check-out some WWII artifacts. This pillbox and two giant guns are on Nusa Island. Right near the blow-hole spot where I have been paddling and diving.

The guns are in pretty good shape, and I can now say for sure the giant metal object in the yard at the new beach house is the bottom part of a shore gun. I wonder what happened to the rest of it…

There are giant springs scattered all around the place that must have been part of the shock absorber mechanism
Kind of amazing that this stuff is just sitting around in the jungle here..

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