Friday, May 21, 2010

Release Date 5/18/2010

No release 5/13/2010.

I did a short paddle for a few hours in the evening. I was going to check out this lumber ship, but it pulled-up the anchor and took off right as I got close. It’s funny that its from Hong Kong, we will be going there in a couple of weeks, I’ll look for this logging ship.

It was another very calm and beautiful night. The sunsets are always great, even if you don’t actually see the sun drop below the clouds, like you do in the USA. The pictures don’t do it justice, the colors are all over the place…

5/16/2010 Diving…

We went out to Albatross Pass for diving with Scuba Ventures on 5/16/2010. The best time to dive the pass is on an incoming current, into the pass.

The dive is very nice wall with a lot of pelagic and reef fish on it. We went back and forth along the wall, then anchored ourselves at 20 some odd fish with a hook and just hung out in the current.

This was a very nice dive, I really enjoyed the end part just waiting in the current. It seemed almost as if I was at the aquarium watching hundreds of fish swim back and forth. My favorite were the sharks and mackerel who moved so quickly back and forth out in the deep water. This would be a good place for spearfishing…

The current was running pretty strongly up into the pass to the North around 10:00AM in the morning. The extreme low tide for the day was around noon, so at 10:00AM it was a falling tide near the bottom of the range. There didn’t seem to much current at all when we went back through around 13:00.

Release Date 5/18/2010

I went out for a short paddle to Nusa to talk to some outfitters who were running a multi-day kayaking trip. They said I could go along with them, but they later changed their mind, so in the end I didn’t go.

It was kind of a half-assed trip anyway. Paddling with a bunch of inexperienced people with a client in the front of each double and a Papua New Guinean guide in the back. They were headed up toward New Hanover, which is the same direction I hope to go on a trip soon. I’m just going to have to do it on my own I guess.

It was a very clear night, and I could see New Hanover off in the distance, see the pictures…

Truth: Overcast days are good.

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