Thursday, July 08, 2010

Release Date 7/5/2010

Release Date 7/5/2010

(I actually released the 7/3/2010 message on this paddle I forgot on 7/3)

We went to a big fourth of July party yesterday, and I /was feeling a bit raw, but wanted to get out for a paddle in the late afternoon. I didn’t get on the water until 5 or so, and it quickly got very dark.

The tide was pretty high, and there was no moon, so when it got dark I couldn’t see a thing.

I decided to go to the north around Cape Surrat(sp?) and go along the coast since the water was high, and it looked like it was pretty shallow.

I saw a few people a young woman came out to the beach, followed by 2 young guys with guitars, go figure???

It gets very swampy a bit further on, and if there are people living in there, they aren’t right on the waters edge, its just miles and miles of mangroves.

I did find one spot where somebody had cut a bunch of branches, but I can’t imagine why. It seemed the stuff they cut away was right there in the water, but they must have taken some of it with them.

It was shallow and boring so I turned around just as it was getting really dark and paddled home using the lights on the cape as a beacon.

Once I came around the corner I was blinded by a super bright light at Nago Island. A lot of the rest of town was dark because of the blackouts, but they make their own electricity out there.

The bioluminescence has been really impressive lately. Maybe because there is no moon, but it just glows very brightly in a light green. I tried making a movie of it, it just came out as black with a few white spots. It is stronger and weaker in places, but when it is going it is really going and super bright.

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