Thursday, July 08, 2010

Not Release Date 7/6/2010

No Release Date 7/6/2010

I wasn’t feeling much like paddling, but wanted to go for a snorkel so I went out Edamago Island. I had wanted to go to Rawl, but the heat was just killer and I was feeling crappy, after an hour so I stopped at Edamago.

As I was approaching the island there was this funny area in the lee with bubbles all over it. It must have been from the surf, and then the swell changed and just left this hot sticky scummy water. Yech. You can “feel” the heat in this picture…

I had to immediately jump in the water to try and cool down. I went out to the West and then eventually to the south near the surf break, but the time I went over to the break I was on the outside of it.

The water was cloudy to the West but I kept swimming farther and farther out looking for something different. I must have been 300 yards from shore, when I found very clear water toward the south, outside the break. The reef here was amazing, all kinds of coral and TONS of it. Lots of fish too. I saw one or two that would have been worth catching, and even 2 small sea turtles. It was really beautiful, and so close to town. In the future it would be best to snorkel from the kayak without the long swim from shore through surf and shallow water.

When I got a cramp in my foot, I was borrowing too small fins, I wanted to go in and realized I would have a problem getting over the break since it was very shallow on top of the reef. There wasn’t much surf, but there was a bit. Eventually I found a small valley where the water was a tad deeper. Fortunately it got deeper one I got past the break and I could swim right up to the shore. This would NOT be possible at a low tide.

I found a cool poison nut growing a new tree on the beach. Kate says these nuts are poison and that the local people grind them up to use them for fishing by stunning the reef fish. So do NOT eat these, they are NOT small funny shaped coconuts!

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