Monday, June 16, 2008

Relase Date 6/15/2008

I released this message while running the morning trip for the Downtown Boathouse. The Boathouse trips started the day before. It was still a little overcast and funky looking after the previous night's blow-out but the weather held for the whole trip.

There were only about 10 or 12 members of the public who turned-up for the trip so we didn't have to run a lottery, and we got on the water quickly.

There was a 6:45 high tide, so we made good progress on the slowly decreasing flood after an 8:30 AM start. We crossed the river up near 90th St, and continued up the Jersey side. We made it all the way to the Mitswa Grocery Store, where everyone could go to the bathroom and grab a snack. I got some tasty cookies and snacks which I shared with the public paddlers.

I liked the funny image of weeds growing out of rotting timbers from an old pier, just in front of a new housing development.

We got started about 11:00AM for the trip home, and finished around 12:00PM under still cloudy, but not raining skies.

Truth: Cookies Taste Good.

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