Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Release Date 6/9/2008

I tried to go surfing at Breezy Pt, but there wasn't enough swell to make decent waves, so I did some fishing with my handline. We launched about 3:30PM on an ebbing tide.

I caught the fish by trolling from my kayak. I am finding more and more I like fishing this way, since it involves less screwing around with the pole and reel, and just trying to use the boat to manipulate the lure.

I caught the bluefish out off the end of the jetty. I used the boat to alternately put slack in the line, then tighten it up to give the lure some life.

I filleted the fish and packed it in ice. I grilled it later the same night with a light coating of mayonaise (I learned the recipe from a former fish store owner in Florida) it was very tasty and made for a fun day of paddling, even without the surf.

Truth: Beer smells good.

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