Monday, June 16, 2008

Release Date 6/14/2008

I released this message while attempting to do a circumnavigation of Manhattan with Bryan and Lise-Anne for the Eastern Horizons film they are working on. The plan was to do a circumnavigation with a stop at the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

We got on the water at 14:30 with cloudy skies. There was still a bit of current after at 12:00PM Low tide.

We got down to the Statue fine, and they did a bit of filming, while we watched the sky start to darken.

We could hear thunder far off in the distance so we quickly headed to Governor's Island for our 1st stop. We arrived just as the sky was looking pretty threatening and had a snack at the snack bar by the kayak launch, then watched the rain storm come in.

We didn't get back on the water until about 17:45 and headed North. We had decent current, but by the time we got near 23rd street it looked like it might dump again so we took shelter at the sea plane marina.

We ended up watching a pretty intense storm there. I kept looking at the current notations I had made, and the rain, and finally we gave-up and took cabs to collect the boats. It continued to dump rain all night.

It wasn't the spectacular Manhattan paddling experience we had promised, but at least nobody got electrocuted!!

I would hate to be the person that cut Bryan's career short, I would never pass my 5-star after a blunder like that!!

Truth: light travels faster than sound.

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