Saturday, July 05, 2008

Release Date 6/30/08

I released this message off of Breezy point while kayak surfing and fishing.

Low tide at the Battery was 12:30. We launched around 11:00 and the current was still running out fairly well.

Air was about 80 degrees light breeze from the south, water was 72 degrees when we started surfing, but got colder as the tide turned.

The surf was pretty good. The waves didn't always break in the same spot, the big ones further out, the smaller ones closer in. This made it tricky to get good rides, and not get destroyed by the breaking waves. We got some good rides, and some good thrashings. I hit the bottom with my head at least once. Best surfing seemed to be to catch the waves on the edge where they didn't break so steeply and violently.

I got tired and cold after about an hour, and did a bit of fishing. I had 3 bluefish up to the boat, but each one slipped away. One of them got away while I was holding him, trying to get him on the contact-tow/stringer. I also broke my pliers, he bit it right in half!!!

I caught a small fluke as well, but way too small to keep. The minimum size is 20.5 inches!! Yikes that's one big fish.

I have been using the handline, and I am now officially a fan. It is so much easier than messing around with a pole.

I forgot to photograph the Truth, so I am afraid it is lost...

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