Sunday, June 10, 2007

Release Date 6/10/2007

I released this message while kayaking in the Santa Fe River in High Springs Florida. I put in at Rum Island county park, and wanted to paddle to the convergence of the Suwanee River, but I didn't get that far. It was blisteringly hot, and I was afraid to go too far because I was paddling down with the current, and would have to paddle against it when I came back. I was still about 5NM from the convergence point when I turned around.

The river was full of tubers and others drinking and lazily floating along. I came down to go diving during the week, but since I got here a day early I went for a paddle.

I found this scarry baby doll and tied it to the bottle. You can't tell as well from the picture, but it looks like the baby is drinking from the bottle, it is clenched in it's cold dead hand.

This actually looks pretty fucked-up, and it might scare the poor bastard who finds it, lets just hope they have their mental state in shape, and that they don't come across it when tripping or at night!!!!

Truth: Always make reservations if you can.


Anonymous said...

Just a note, on July 11, 2007; I found one of your bottles off Jamaica Bay, NY near Dead Horse Inlet.

Tim Gamble said...

What was the date on the message?