Saturday, June 23, 2007

Release Date 6/22/2007

I went diving and spearfishing in the Gulf. We went about 15 miles and dove in 30-40 ft of water.
We found some limestone ledges, one section of which was very nice, and had a lot of fish and other life. The visibility was typical for Florida, at this depth and time of year, only about 15 ft, with a lot of particulate in the water. We got one keeper Gag Grouper, and had a fish fry later that night.

One of the most amazing things was a giant turtle who was 4 or 5 feet long resting under one of
the overhangs on the bottom. He was so old he had barnacles on his shell. Our friend who was watching the boat had seen him surface a number of times while we were down, but it was really cool to see one underwater.

Truth: It's easy to tell when you feel bad.

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