Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Relese Date 6/19/2007

Warning, extreme cute kitten pictures are included....

I paddled from about 1 mile up the Cotee River up through the
Boyce Warner park, then 6 or 7 miles North to Hudson Beach for dinner and back.

It was an amazing day when I reached the Gulf, perfectly perfectly still. I remember still days when I used to live down here early in the morning, but I can't ever remember one this totally totally still. You could have waterskied all the way to Texas, just like a millpond. You can see in the picture how erie it was there is absolutely no difference between the horizon, you can't tell sky from sea.

little house is a waterhouse these are old camps that are grandfathered in by the government on 99 year leases, there used to be a lot more when I was a kid. I poked around in the State Park along the coast, and tried a little fishing, then paddled on to Hudson the next town to the North.

I saw a few fish in the water, some neat birds, and watched an osprey hunting, and making a dive into the water, I don't think I have ever seen that before. Apparently he missed.

I had dinner at the little place at the beach, where I saw 4 of the world's cutest kittens. They were strays, and it was kind of sad, but they are so cute somebody will probably adopt them, at least I hope so. I shared my chicken sandwich with them. One had little bullseye stripes, and reminded me of my old cat Eddie when he was the world's cutest kitten.

Truth: Isomnia Sucks.


Jeff said...

Hello I found your message in the bottle on this day september 9, 2007, behind Mikes Dockside in Hudson, FL around 2:00pm. I was cast netting for some bait fish along the mangroves when I spotted the red/white bobber in the mangroves. I went to investigate and found the bottle attached with a dollar inside it cha ching!!! Later on I caught a keeper 19 inch red fish using a small pinfish. Thanks for adding to a rather lucky day for me.

Jeff McLeod

Tim Gamble said...

This is really cool. This is by far the longest of my messages that has ever been out there, and still found, almost 3 months!!!

It's funny that I went to mikes dockside that same day, that is where I saw the kittens, but I released the message much closer to home off of durney key in new port richey, so it floated all the way back up to Hudson.

Thanks so much for reporting it!!!