Thursday, May 31, 2007

Release Date 5/26/2007

I released this bottle off of the Norwalk Islands in Norwalk CT. The note in the bottle says the Thimble Islands, but I forgot to let it go until I got to Norwalk. We paddled in the Thimbles, then cartopped back to Norwalk.

We were camping on the Grassy Island. This was a nice spot, but it was covered in trash. We did a trash pick-up, but didn't have enough bags to do a really good job. I did take one giant bag of trash out, and also had a lot in the hatches and in other people's boats. This barely made a dent on the island.

We did find some cool stuff beach combing, and made a scary totem for the next people out of an old decoy, a doll, and other stuff. I also found a deer antler, some nice lobster floats, and a new PFD for the Downtown Boathouse.

I caught a small stripped bass, but it was too small to keep. It sure did look tasty though!

Truth: Kids look like their parents.

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