Saturday, October 08, 2011

Release Date 9/24/2011

Release Date 9/24/2011

We paddled out from East Patchouge to Watch Hill then over to Davis Park for a drink at the Casino. It’s very definitely the “shoulder season” out here and not so many people around.

We were VERY lucky with the weather this weekend. It was supposed  to be really bad, and rained very hard all day on Friday, all day throughout the city and Long Island, but I had  planned to go to a friend’s house for Saturday and Sunday on the Island, so I went anyway, and it didn't rain at all, a bit overcast, basically perfect paddling weather.

We didn’t get on the water until about 15:15 and got over to Watch Hill in an hour.  I wanted to go to the bar there, but held-off until we went to the Casino in Davis Park, which I had been promised was "much better".

The bar really reminded us of a place in Metuchick RI out on the beach where we had been after a kayak class. There was bit of surf, but we had walked through the island from the bay side so we didn’t have to deal. When we got cold we went inside.

For the 1.5 hours we were there these guys were tuning up for a “show” but they never started playing. Just test 1 2 3 4 and a bit of wasted away in Margaritaville we never heard and actual song.


We paddled back across the bay into a beautiful sunset. 

We hadn’t seen the sun all day, just the sunset. It never rained on us, but we saw and incredible rainbow, and it was the first time I saw an entire rainbow. It started from the mainland of Long Island and went all the over to the South of Fire Island, and you could see both halves of it, I have never seen that before, and maybe never will again. Here are the 2 halves; it took up almost the entire horizon.


Then it got dark. Very dark.

We were surfing wind waves, and had a very loose compass course, by the time it  was dark we  weren’t sure where we going. We reached land, and decided to go East, when we didn’t find anything after 10 minutes we went West, then eventually we decided to go back East. After a while, 15 minutes, we found a familiar landmark and we realized we were very far East near Bellport, so we went there which is where the kayaks live and took a cab back to the put-in. 

Truth: I was cold and had been drinking, so I don’t remember.

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