Saturday, October 08, 2011

Release Date 9/25/2011

The “Inlet”.

Low Tide at the inlet was 11;40, and we got into the water about 12:00PM after a leisurely trip over Bellport.

We had an easy paddle over  from a launch at the East Moriches Coast Guard Station. Soon we were in the current being drawn toward the inlet.

It was a pretty busy place with a bunch of people fishing for stripers in the outgoing tide. We got blown right out and did a bit of surfing out on the East side of the inlet on some pretty big waves.

Then we paddled over to the West side and surfed a few waves over there. I was using a borrowed boat a pretty heavy plastic Baja, and I was happy to have it but I wasn’t strong enough to kick it around in the surf, and wasn't really dressed for a swim, so I was pretty cautious. 

We surfed the waves over there, and decided to stop lunch around 14:30. It was overcast, but the wind was mellow and had very relaxing lunch and some refreshment. We started back around 16:00. We surfed a bit after we left, the waves were reduced, but still substantial.

There was a nutty guy buzzing the inlet in an ultralight and flying very close to the water and the beach, like 10 feet, and we took a bunch of pictures.

By the time we got to the inlet we were very quickly being sucked right into it. A prefect Trip. Still a ton of boats even late late in the afternoon. I was fishing but not very enthusiastically, and I I didn’t catch anything.

We  got back just before dusk and could easily find the put-in.

I'm using some borrowed pictures, my camera has gone missing, but I hope to get it back soon it has pictures and a truth...


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