Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Release Date 9/18/2011

I went kayak surfing at Breezy Point.

The tides were perfect for an afternoon paddle, high in the harbor was around noon, we got on the water around 2:00PM so we had a nice ride out in the ebb.

There was a good amount of swell and we got some nice rides.

We started off with the smaller waves, and then I foolishly went way over to the East where some big dumping waves were breaking. These waves are actually pretty big, the picture doesn't do it justice...

I got one or two ok rides off of it, then got trashed twice in succession. I drank a  bit of water on the first one, even though the water was cold and violent it was still a lot better than worrying about the rocks and reef in PNG. After that I went back to the smaller waves....

The water temp was 68 degrees, and it was  overcast, so once I was wet it was a bit chilly. I only had a reed top and and a very light paddling jacket.

We stopped for lunch after about an hour to take a break and have some wine and lunch. Then we paddled back to the car.

There was an amazing view of the sun breaking through the clouds. The pictures  were ok, but it was really amazing live.

It is disappointing when you expect something and then it isn't there.

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