Thursday, March 25, 2010

Release Date 3/22/2009

Kate and I took a paddle out Rawl (or Ral) Island for a campout.

This is the beautiful little deserted island we camped on for my Birthday in October. It is about a 2hour paddle out of town.

This time we left early, and it was a bit overcast so we didn't get killed by the heat. It was a nice day, very calm.

When we got there the surfers from Nusa were at a break off of the north tip of the island having fun. We talked to one of them the next day, when they weren't surfing and he confirmed that they can only surf this break on high tide.

We did hear about some spectacular accidents, people needing massive numbers of stitches, craked open heads, and branching coral sticking out of legs like pincushions, so I don't feel like quite as much of a wimp about not doing much kayak surfing.

We had a nice day hanging out, and did some snorkeling here. I tried a bit of spearfishing, but the fish and pretty nervous about friendly divers with spearguns. I only took one shot, but I was using a smaller gun and I just got a cloud of scales. Fortunately the emergency food was free range steak, so we didn't suffer.

The pictures are on kate's camera, so I need to get them....

We actually stayed over Sunday night because the weather wasn't good on Saturday. It worked out fine because we were able to get-up, break camp, paddle back, and Kate was at her desk before 10:00AM.

Truth: If something doesn't work out, it often makes sense to try again.

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Axel said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures and experiences.Well,do U have any idea of sending invitation Message in the Bottle?