Monday, April 12, 2010

Fire Date 4/6/2010

Email to my friend who gave me the grill in question.

Hi B,

So Kate and I come back from a very difficult Easter weekend where a holiday went a bit out of control, and then there is a blackout in town.

The problem turns out to be the fact that the power company didn't pay
the bill to fuel supplier and they cut them off. The power company was actually telling people this as their excuse.

I found some expensive organic beef in one of the supermarkets that I was saving in the freezer. If your house is over 95 degrees and the power goes out on your fridge for 16 hours you have a problem. I think, Ha no problem. We will have a nogat power party. (nogat means no in tok pisin).

So we have some people over and I get the food ready by flashlight. I light the grill and go back upstairs to have a beer and entertain the guests while the grill "warms" up. Well into my beer I notice an orange light from the front of the house. I actually thought the power had gone back on. Hmm... A sarcastic Australian surfer says "maybe your house is on fire Ha Ha..."

Anyway the power wasn't back on, but the grill had caught fire. It
burned off the fitting where the gas goes in the grill and I had a homemade flamethrower shooting huge flames onto the side of the house, this was turning into a "nogood" party....

I managed to turn the gas off, but I think the grill is going to need
some work. I guess I'll give them a call, but this looks worse than when the glass broke when you owned it.

I thought you would appreciate this picture
Notice both burners are at FULL THROTTLE....

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