Thursday, March 25, 2010

Release Date 3/17/2010

Nobody was celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. We did go for a beer at Nusa resort on the way home, but it wasn’t green.

Kate and I went for an after work paddle.

I released this msg just outside of Kavieng Harbor in front of the new house we want to rent, aka the beach house. Nothing has been done on it for a month, so things are a bit slowed down, and we are a bit disappointed.

We saw this cute little, tasty little hog, playing by the beach. If we took a shot at him we would have blown-up this canoe, and his owners would have been angry. This is what my Florida friends call a "New York Fryer"

It was a very very still day, absolutely no wind totally flat. There was surf, but just big rolling swells. I paddled in through the breakers to the beach in font of the beach house. In moderate or light surf it will be easy to launch from here.

It was a beautiful evening. Everything was so still. This picture doesn’t do it justice, just the flat “oily” sea for the bottle release.

We came right up on a pod of dolphins. Fortunately the marine mammal protection act does not apply here, so we could get close to them. Kind of curious I have never seen anybody eating dolphins. Probably too hard to catch, or they don’t taste that good.

I got back to PNG on Saturday, and it was great to get back out on the water.

Truth: Fuel smells bad.

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