Sunday, February 21, 2016

Release Date 2/21/2016

We went for a short paddle in the harbor on a windy warm winter day.

Low water at the battery was around 13:00, and we launched from Red Hook just after that. Air got up into the 50s, but the water was in the high 30s and with a wind that grew to about 15kts it was pretty chilly on the water.

We paddled North against a strong current almost to the battery, then met some friends who came south from Manhattan.

We then went south and across the harbor into some pretty big wind against current swell. 

We went around to the South of the Statue of Liberty and had a short snack and stretched our legs on the beach below Liberty State Park.

We came back across the harbor around 15:30 at almost slack tide and then landed at Red Hook around 16:30.

Truth: Food tastes better if you heat it.

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