Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Release date 1/31/2016

We paddled from Goldsmith's inlet to Reeves beach on Long Island's North shore, about 14 statue miles.

It was an amazingly nice day. Virtually no wind at all, bright sunshine, and it got up to almost 50 degrees later in the afternoon.

At the launch site we saw a sticker from our old friends at Kayak Waveology, which was fun. They must have run a trip from here sometime in the past. 

We left about 11:30 and arrived right at 16:30, took about 45 minute lunch break a mile west of mattituck inlet.

There is still current in this part of Long Island Sound. On the flood it starts all throughout the sound at the same time that the "Flood Starts at the Race" time way out at The Race. On the Ebb it actually starts in the sound about 1 hour before hand. The Flood Starts time was 10:45 so it was already moving when we got on the water. This far in the max, even on the springs, is less than a knot, but it still made a difference spread out over the whole day.

When we went back to the start to pickup our car we were treated to a really amazing sunset.

After the paddle we backtracked to Little Creek Oysters in Greenport for dinner. On our last trip they had run out of oysters so we had to pre-order. It was really nice to have such a good meal waiting for us.

Truth: Everyone has fans.


tim gamble said...

I got the following response via email:
Dear sir or madam,
I am emailing in response to your message in a bottle released in Long Island Sound on 1/31/16 , found in Long Island Sound on 2/2/16. Please keep your $20 and instead stop throwing garbage into the ocean. Maybe even go to the beach and pick up litter, like I was doing when I stumbled upon your plastic Gatorade bottle defacing Mother Earth.
From your local lover of nature and hater of plastic,

PS - I recycled your Gatorade bottle, you're welcome.

Tim Gamble said...

I replied here:
Hi Rowan,

Thanks for your email and comments.

I realize your sentiments and im sorry you found the bottle offensive. I do only use bottles that I find already on the beach, and always pick up a few extra. I have also organized a number of trash pickups and removed thousands of pounds of trash from the beaches around the world over the years,

see www.bodiesoftrash.org for an example.

I could make a $20 donation to the American Littoral Society would that help?