Sunday, October 27, 2013

Release Date 9/29/2013

Went out to do a little surfing early in the day at Breezy Point.
The waves were small which made them manageable, but when its like this the break point is not consistent and I ended up chasing all over the place to try and get a good ride, often without success. I only got dumped a couple of times.

Lots of people fishing, but I hadn’t brought my line. After a bit we paddled out around the point, and long the beach. The waves were pretty big on the beach, but they were just dumping on the shore so we avoided them.

They are making MASSIVE changes to plumb beach building new rock breakwaters and 
moving sand around after the hurricane (Sandy). There is also a huge dredge out in the middle of the channel near the sandbar out by the point, so there must be big plans for that. Hopefully they don’t plan to suck up our sandbar and use it to build-up the dunes.

We launched really early 8:00AM, and I was back picking up lunch by 12:00PM.

Truth: Sometimes things change.

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