Saturday, October 26, 2013

Release date 7/20/2013

Kate and I went to the annual City of Water day with some friends.

This is an activity that runs once a year where there are a lot of water related events and programs on Governors Island, and then they allow anyone who paddled to the island to camp-out, which we did.

This year it coincided with a display of turn of the century carnival rides that were actually very scary due the their speed and the appearance at least of appearance of danger. 

This is something like the 7th year they have done it, but it was the first time we were able to go. It was a beautiful night and we really enjoyed it. There was heavy rain about 5:00PM, but then it cleared-up.

The next day we went North up to the Brooklyn Flea event in Dumbo to meet some friends for lunch and then home, so we basically spent the whole weekend on and around the water, but still in NYC.

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