Thursday, June 06, 2013

Release Date 6/1/2013

I volunteered to help lead a trip for the Brooklyn Bridge Boathouse.

They have a very nice new dock, and wonderful volunteers and equipment. It was a real joy to paddle a "public" boat, that was actually nice where everything worked, even the skeg.

There was a nice little spot of very heavy current with a tiny race under the Williamsburg Bridge that I had never seen before.

We went North from their facility all the way up to Barreto Point Park in the Bronx. This is a waterfront park that has been under construction for ever, but is now open for business and super busy. It's probably the only park around for miles and miles and there were tons of people there. I scored an excellent BBQ plate from "Father and Sons" BBQ stand. It was a little bit heavy for paddling food, but tasty.

On the way back we decided to go along the North side of Wards Island. I had never done this before and it was cool and fun. We found a tiny whitewater wave on some rocks where the current was draining out into the Hudson. Just like on a whitewater river you could actually see the level of the water being lower.

We stopped at Hallets cove to put lights on for the return trip home in a stiff current.

Truth: BBQ is good.

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