Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gowanus Challenge 6/15/2013

Kate and I raced in the Gowanus Challenge boat race in Brooklyn.

It was an amazing show of wackiness, all for a good cause, the Dredgers!!!

My friend Jonathan took these amazing pictures, but link back to the race page, for full details..

The name of our team was "Greased Lightning" we dressed-up like the characters from Grease.

The start of the Canoe and Stand-up Paddle board class.

Kate and Tim literally blow by this dude in an inflatable boat, he never heard us coming. Check out the cool lightning bolts Kate put on our boat.

Yes We did get a bit competitive. We paddled a bit dirty by pushing off other boats, but karma caught-up with us when the guy doing the time keeping got confused and forgot to record our time. For the record we were first in the kayak class.

We Didn't actually release a bottle there was already so much crap in the water we couldn't bear to.

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