Sunday, August 14, 2011

Release Date 8/13/2011

I went with a bunch of friends to do a swim support for the Stonewall foundation out on Fire Island.
It was a hoot to get out in the water, but I had a bit too much fun the night before so I wasn't feeling completely "fresh" in the morning. Here I am staggering up the beach trying to get ready....

  tim vs the morning morning is winning.

this dude was ready to go.

The swim was uneventful. My swimmer was very strong and did a great job. He started in the last section, but passed-up a lot of the other swimmers who had started in earlier heats. I made it to the bloddy marys before most of my friends. I was feeling better after a drink, a bagel, and some medicine. 
I need to get some new black paddling gear this looks a little too flowery.
We tooled around some other parts of FI, and went over to another bar in the Pines for a refresh before paddling back to the shore. 

My shoulder felt awful by the end of the day, but it felt better the next morning, maybe I just need to work it a bit more. Lifting the boat up at the end of the day was terrible.

 Truth: The picture didn't come out and I forgot it....

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