Friday, August 05, 2011

Release date 7/31/2011

Back in the USA...

I joined the New York Kayak Company club and paddled a tide race Xcite out and around to see all the old sites.

I went from Pier 40 to Pier 96, then back down, and across to Valentino Pier to my old Red Hook location.

All the public kayak programs were going really well. I was rushing to get to Red Hook, but of course they didn't need me at all. I bought a  T-shirt and the only thing I could do to help was to ride a bike up to staples to make copies  of the wiavers for them.

I liked the tide-race, but without surf or shallow water, I couldn't really test it out very much.

My shoulder is  getting better and better, but it isn't completely fixed yet.

Truth: Some things change, Some things don't...

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