Saturday, November 15, 2008

Release Date 11/9/2008

Message released in the H
udson River off of Hoboken. I was testing my kayak after patching a LOT of holes in it. The repairs were fairly successful, (it still seems to leak almost everywhere, but it is a lot better)

There was a big Navy ship at the cruise ship terminal, so I had to cross to Jersey and then paddled South against an fairly strong current. I found some cool stuff: 1) A life jacket for the DTBH.

(What's up with name of a ship of "stag hound", Is it owned by bimbos???)
2) A 5 gal industrial gas tank, partially full of gas that I "donated" to Stevens Institute. 3) Some nice lobster floats for my collection. It got dark in Jersey City, and I had a quick trip back. Truth: It gets dark fast in the winter.

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