Sunday, November 02, 2008

release Date 11/2/2008

I released this message on the Hudson River near the marina in Alpine NJ. We had paddled up there to check out the leaves and enjoy a really nice November day.
It was warm high 50's low 60's and I was only a little hot in trilaminate wetsuit.

We had a good ride up on the current and a slowly building current for the return trip.
I left Pier 96 at 11:00, and we arrived in Alpine around 13:45, and left around 14:45, returned to pier 96 around 17:00.

I then towed a double that was left at Pier 96 during the Mayor's cup back to Pier 66, and finally returned our "Pirates of the Hudson" kayak from Halloween to Pier 40, and paddled back against the current in the dark.

Truth: You can get away with a lot when you dress-up like a pirate.

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