Monday, October 08, 2007

Release Date 10/8/2007

I released this message off of Breezy Point in Queens.

It was yet another stunningly sunny and warm October day. I think it got up into the 80's. We were trying to go kayak surfing on the sandbar out off the point, but there wasn't any predictable surf. We paddled out from Plumb Beach in a pretty stiff wind ~ 15kts from the SW.

The water was really clear, and I wished I was freediving instead.

I got to the beach early, a first for me, or at least a rare occasion. I spent some time picking up trash on the beach, and found this boat bumper, which I attached to the bottle.

I screwed around trying to surf for a while, ate lunch with my friends, then paddled down past the beach club on the ocean side to the fishing hole.

I saw a few monarch butterflies, but they seemed confused. At least 2 of them were flying North not South. This yellow plant, that they feed on, was in bloom everywhere. I think most of them have already headed South.

My shoulder was bothering me a little when I started, but it felt fine once I warmed up. I think I slightly overdid it exercising, or it was just the muscles being sore. Hard to tell.

Truth: The future can be frightening.

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