Sunday, October 07, 2007

Release Date 10/6/2007

Released this message in the Hudson River around 12:00AM on 10/6 -> 10/7. I was coming back from an evening cookout at Engelwood cliffs park, north of the GW bridge.

It was a big group 13 boats and it really made me nervous because it wasn't a guided group, and people tended to want to spread out a lot according to paddling capabilities.

We stopped at Fairway on the way up and bought the food. We got a lot of food, much more than we could eat, for only $12 a head, including a ton of beer. As usual the park closed, but nobody noticed us because we had come from water.

We had a nice run with the current in both directions and made good time going up and coming back, although the return trip in the extreme dark with so many people, when tired, after drinking seemed like a long one to me.

Truth: It shouldn't be this warm in October.

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