Monday, September 10, 2007

Release Date 9/10/2007

I released this message off of Breezy Pt. in Brooklyn/Queens. I had gone out kayak surfing from Plumb Beach.

We paddled out to the sandbar near the end of the jetty. We had the tide perfect, an hour before low, but there wasn't enough swell to get good consistent rides.

We each got some rides, but it was really hard to position the boat in the right place, the breaking waves were moving from one spot to another, and we were getting pushed around by the wind and current.

The pictures of the cliff show the massive erosion that must have happened very recently, it was really neat to sea the carved sand dunes, and little sand cliffs along the break water.

There were huge schools of bait fish being attacked by bluefish. The bluefish drove the bait fish right onto the beach where the gulls were eating them.

The gulls had so gorged themselves that they couldn't eat any more and were just standing around these beached fish flopping at their feet.

Truth: It's hard to consciously stop thinking about something.

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