Monday, September 17, 2007

Release Date 9/15/2007

I released this message on 9/16/2007 in the Buttermilk Channel off of Red Hook Brooklyn. I had spent the day paddling. I went up to the Downtown Boathouse locations, and helped ferry some boats between the locations.

I had the current when towing the boats, but went into a stiff wind on the way North, then the wind died when I was counting on it to help me bring 2 boats back downtown. It's easier to tow empty boats, but it still turned into a pretty good workout.

You can see from the pictures that the current was going good by the time I came back to Brooklyn. The eddy around the buoy was pretty impressive, and took the bottle away to the South.

It was a beautiful day, some clouds, cool, and bright. It means the seasons are changing, but for now it's just great.

I got to spend the evening on the waterfront as well because I went to see the Opera that Portside did on their ship. It was great.

Truth: September can be beautiful.

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