Thursday, August 16, 2007

Release Date 8/15/2007

I released this message in the Buttermilk channel off of Red Hook Brooklyn.

I had kayaked out to Governor's Island to investigate the reinforcement options for the new kayak dock.

We want to add some metal sleeves around the existing pilings to reinforce them. I was freediving to check them out.

On the shallow piling I found a large piece of angle iron that would prevent the sleeve. I dug a hole under it to hook it with a rope, then we used the force of the tide to lift it free. It was a piece of the old dock. The bottom was sand, and we can easily dig the sleeve in using water pressure.

On the deep piling there is another fallen piling leaning up against it. This is a huge heavy steel piling, so we have to figure out some way to move it. I made the attached drawing, and we will have to go back in September with a winch and scuba equipment.

It was cool in the morning, so the water felt warm, but after bobbing around in it for almost an hour I was cooled right off.

Truth: You can only wear one watch at a time.


Lori Witzel said...

Hi there -- found you via Google, and am most curious about your project.

Have you ever had a message "returned"? Have you ever tracked one of your messages with GPS or similar?

I have a slightly random class project idea that would incorporate messages in bottles, so would be delighted if you're interested in sharing any thoughts you have about your process.

Lori Witzel said...


I just erased the comment I was about to leave.

In a (repeating) nutshell, I've stumbled upon your blog while doing background for a potential upcoming class project incorporating a message in a bottle.

Have you ever had a message "returned"? Ever track a bottle with GPS?

If you'd like to share your experiences, you can stop by my photo-and-art blog and let me know -- or you can email me at lwitzel {at} austin {dot} rr {com} -- and thanks for your stuff here!