Saturday, August 04, 2007

Release Date 7/27/2007

I released this message in Culrose Channel in Prince William Sound, just at the Southern end of the channel.

We were storm bound for a couple of days, but got back out on the water and underway on 7/26. While we were waiting out the rain in a small Cabin we met the space shuttle crew for shuttle flight 124 in April 2007. They were out doing some teamwork training with NOLS. They take the whole crew, plus the gound commander out to kayak and do exercises in the wilderness. They were really nice to us, and gave us some of the fresh Salmon they caught.

The Japanese guy told us a sushi chef had told him NOT to eat raw Salmon unless it had been frozen. This was a bit of a concern, because we ate a whole bunch of raw salmon a few days ago that I had caught!! Yikes.

A beautiful place can be cold and make you uncomfortable.

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