Thursday, November 16, 2006

Release Date 10/27/2006

Released this message while scuba diving off of Milos Greece. We actually were diving off the coast of a small island adjacent to Milos, called Kimilos.

It was the end of the diving season, and the operator, Milos Diving, said it was their last week for the year.

The water was cool, about 70 degrees. This was a wonderful dive. We went along a limestone ledge viewing sponges, and Octopi (not sure if that's correct...)

Visibility is excellent in Greece, 70 or 80 feet.

It's so funny the underwater environment totally reminds me of the Gulf of Mexico off of the West Coast of Florida. Limestone features with patches of eel grass and sponges, but no coral. I noticed a number of the fish are the same. The geology is MUCH more dramatic in Greece, with ledges plunging hundreds of feet very close to shore.

On the way back to the boat we went into a sea cave. It was dark, but the cave extended above the surface, so it wasn't technically an overhead environment. It was very beautiful, and full of shrimp in the back of the cave.

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