Sunday, August 20, 2006

Release Date 8/20/2006

Released bottle in an outgoing tide off of Plum Beach around 11:00 on 8/20/2006.

I was helping with the Swim Support for the CIBBOWS Breezy Point race. There was a 10-15 kt wind and it made the race difficult.

We launched at 06:30 and met the swimmers at Brighton.
It was an overcast day when we started, but by 11:00 when we returned it had cleared up and was warm and sunny.

Some of our party had to get right back to the beach, so we didn't get a chance to play in the surf or eat lunch. In fact we didnt' even get a chance to grab lunch.

Truth: 3 hours is not enough sleep.

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Beast said...

Hey Tim. I discovered your blog by accident today. You should release a bottle off Swinburne. maybe in September?

Crazy race on Sunday. I had a blast. I was happier getting to land on the beach than I would have been by completing it.