Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Release Date 8/1//2006

I released this message on 8/1/2006 around 15:00 at the Atlantic Beach Bridge between Atlantic Beach (Long Beach) and Rockaway. The bridge in the background links the two areas.

I was freediving off the beach at 6th St., and let it go in a strong ebb current.

This was my second time diving here. I got in the water a little late, and the current was already running out. This reduced the viz, and made it hard to hold my position.

The way that dives are supposed to be done here is to come and hour or two before high water, ride the flood down to the Bridge, then ride the ebb back. The boat traffic kind of freaks me out, so I'm not so sure about swimming down there, maybe next time.

I probably only went to 30 ft or so. Felt good to be diving again, and my sinuses were finally cleared-up. No blood, and no problems equalizing.

I kept all the dives around 1 minute, and started comming up as soon as the contractions started. Saw a lot of little fish, nothing worth shooting. In low viz like that its going to be difficult to use my large open water gun. I didn't bring it, since I'm trying to get comfortable with diving there first.


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