Monday, July 24, 2006

Release Date 7/24/2006

Released the bottle on an outgoing tide at about 12:00. We were kayak surfing at the sandbars out near Breezy Point.

The best time for surfing depends on the swell size and tide, but its usually best a few hours before low water. The ebbing current hits the incoming swell on the sandbar and makes a nice break.

I launched the bottle but just putting it under the bungees, then playing in the surf. Eventually a big wave washed over the deck and launched it.

The surf was good, and we all got a number of good rides. Unfortunately I broke my new greenland paddle. The paddle was on the front deck, and I was caught in a very violent side surf/broach. The force of the water on the part of the paddle that extended out past the bow snapped the shaft and broke the elastic bungee.

Truth: Taking Vitamins on an empty stomach is not a good idea.


Tommy said...

Hello Tim. I found one of your messages in a bottle today (8/6/06)with a dollar bill inside at approximately 1900 hours at the Gateway Marina located in Jamaica Bay, Brooklyn NY (Across from Floyd Bennett Field). I just pulled my boat into the slip after fishing all day and saw it bobbing in the slip next to mine. The bottle had no cap on it so your note and bill got wet. I was only able to make out kyaking at Breezy Point from the wet note and thats about all. I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know it was found. Oddly enough, I found a second dollar bill floating next to the bottle. I have to say, the message in the bottle was pretty interesting. At first I thought it was someone stranded somewhere. It was refreshing to see it was only a project. Thanks for the dollar and the laugh. Tommy at

Tim Gamble said...


Thanks for the update!

Thats 12 days at sea, by far the longest of any of them. Most are found in just 1 day or two.

I only put $1 in, so the other one was just a tip from Posiden for your efforts.