Monday, July 03, 2006

Release Date 7/1/2006

Still using cellphone pictures....

Paddled with a greenland paddle all day. In the morning took the Boathouse trip down to Governor's Island. We had a nice trip down, but a little trouble getting back. The current was weaker on the flood because of the rain we had the week before.

After going to Governor's Island I paddled up to the North to meet some friends who were going around Manhattan. I released the bottle around 17:00.

The current was against me, so I snuck right along the seawall. It was kind of cool to interact with the people in the park, and to watch the demographic change from all white to minority as I went north. At one point paddled right-up on two people having sex in the underbrush, that was kind of embarrassing, I just looked away.

I found a 2 gallon can full of gas floating in the water. I put it up on the seawall, and came back by bicycle that night to collect it to keep it from spilling in the river. Now I don't know what to do with it, put it in car? It might have water in it....

I was kind of tired, so I took it very easy, and eventually met my friends, who had been waiting at Spite-n-Dival just inside the Harlem river for me.

We had a nice paddle down in an increasing current, against the wind that was substantial. I peeled off and returned to boathouse at 20:00.

Truth, inspired by gas...:
The earth and mankind will eventually run out of oil, and that could be a serious situation.

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