Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Release Date 5/8/2006

Released the bottle in the lee of Breezy Point breakwater at around 13:45 on 5/8/2006.

It was the final leg of our Montauk to Brooklyn Trip, and Mile's friend Geep from NJ joined us.
It was very windy 25kts, but the wind was from the east north-east so it helped us along in the paddle.The surf on the beach was small, so we were able to launch without too much trouble. Because of the wind we made great time down the Rockaway beach. There was some big swell, so some of the waves were breaking outin the sea because of the wind, but it wasn't too bad, and we even did a bit of surfing.

We went past coney island, had a snack a "voodo beach" under the Verazano, and rode the tide on intoBrooklyn, ending up right near my house in Brooklyn.

Miles car broke down on Ocean Parkway, so the only towing that was required was to tow his car back to his house with my car.

The land in the background of the pictures is Coney Island. Because we are in the lee of the breakwater you can't see the surf or the swell, but it was substantial...

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