Friday, May 19, 2006

Release Date 5/17/2006

Released bottle just West of Whitestone bridge in the Bronx around 14:00. I had paddled up from Red Hook, and was trying to do a scouting trip to David's Island, but I ran out of time, and turned around before I got to City Island.

It was disappointing to travel so far, and have to turn around, but as it was I was on the water for 8 hours. The full round-trip to David's Island would have been something like 10 plus hours, or a really long day, paddling at a brisk pace with the current.

I met up with Jeremy in Long Island City. He had paddled up with the LIC Boathouse guys who were delivering their boats.

We paddled on up together under the Whitestone and then the Throgs Neck Bridges and out into the beginning of LI Sound.

Around 13:15 I realized we didn't have enough time to make the whole trip, (I had to be back at 18:00, and Jeremy who was planning on going around Manhattan had no lights) so we turned around.

We at lunch at a small beach under the Throgs Neck Bridge. I let the bottle go between the Throgs Neck and the Whitestone.

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Jarrett said...

While it wasn't one of your bottles I did find a message in a bottle from a kid bobbing next to my sailboat. The plastic bottle was pretty mucky, so it had to have been in the water a while, but there was no date or anything else.

The text was pretty much, "Yo what up doggie? Brian"

And doggie as crossed out for "poepl."